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Water Quality's Impact on your Brew

Water Quality's Impact on your Brew

How does water quality impact the extract of your coffee and what can you do about it?

Water is the primary ingredient in your coffee, so it should be no surprise that the quality of water you use can have major effects on the quality of your coffee.

While this is not usually considered while brewing coffee, it's certainly something useful to keep in mind.  If you use water which is too soft or too acidic, the flavors of your coffee may not be fully extracted.

So, if you're looking to perfect your coffee brewing methods, then don't forget to consider your water's hardness and PH.  If you'd like to play with your water chemistry, there are products like Third Wave Coffee mineral packets which can be added to distilled water to create a more balanced water profile.  If you really want experiment, you can also make your own!

A great starting point for making your own coffee water can be found here: